Single French


This name refers to the style of the pattern of the glass frame. There is one vertical bar down the middle of the frame and the number of horizontal bars depends on the size of the window

Double French 


Similar to the Single French Window in style, however, there are two vertical bars down the middle of the frame and the number of horizontal bars depends on the size of the window.

Steel Windows, Arches and Vents.


Our Windows are made from quality steel purchased locally, manufactured by our professional staff,
who are very experienced in welding and painting to ensure that our windows aren't bent, warped or twisted as with inferior competitor products.

All windows come in Red Zinc Oxide that prevents the oxidation (rusting) of the window, along with all required fittings,
Customers can specify for them to be prepainted before delievery

Customized windows can also be manufactured at our window factory.

Standard Window Frame


This type of window is the starting platform of all standard windows before vents or burglar proofing.

Usually placed on second floors, with none restrictive views of scenery.



These are small top hinged openings that are placed either by themselves or on top of Windows for Ventilation. They can be burglar proofed and can come in custom sizes as well.

Custom Design Windows


We offer window frames for custom applications from skylights, portholes, stained glass frames all the way to display windows.

Example of a Window Frame 
with Measurements


The Industry Standard of window measurements are typically in feet and inches, where the height is regularly 4' feet (96") and the width usually 2' (48" inches per leaf)
A "crab" refers to a piece of steel that keeps the window in place within the concrete wall.
In exchange for the crab a bracket can be welded instead where the window could be secured using Bolts.

Arch for Window


This is a unique feature added to windows that as a beautiful curve to the squared shape of a window. It is a fixed window that allows more light into the room, the height and shape along with the style of burglar proofing can be customized for the specific application.

Bay Window


This type of window refers to the style of the window frame, which is made up of 3 sides. 
It is perfect for areas where a wide view is desired.


Fire Escapes


Our windows can be built upon request as Fire Escapes, enabling exit in event of an emergency along with the security of burglar proofing when not in use.