For any application from Banisters to Parking Areas, We can tailor a design to fit your specific need.

Steel Staircases


We can make from Spiral to Standard to Custom Shaped out of steel for strength and longevity.

Miscellaneous Works


We also do metal work for around the home as described below,
all of which can be tailored to your individual taste.

Gabion Baskets and Retaining Walls


Our design of these Strong Walls ensures that there is proper drainage through and around  the wall, to ensure that they secure your land for years to come.

Extra Large Gates for Compounds.


Our Gates can be customized to your specific design.

Garbage Racks


We offer Garbage bins, designed to be strong and long lasting

Draw Barrier for Driveways


Secure your Driveways with our secured draw barriers, which are available in a variety of different styles.



We can provide you with Custom Metal Fences from Chain Link to Flat Steel Bars.


Gives Your building a touch of flair.